February 22, 2024

I am a live, recording & educational drummer/percussionist/multi-instrumentalist via the Eastman School of Music and the Rehobath Temple Gospel Church in Harlem. Currently in Austin, TX, I have spent time in NYC, LA, Iowa & Quebec.

Movies and other media with me: Metro PCS Spicy News commercials by Tim Heintz/Wojahn Bros, The Women and the Waves surf documentary by Heather Hudson and Peck Euwer, Wormtooth Nation by Geoff Boothby (David Lynch TV), and 'Bring It On' by The Onion (America's Finest News Network) produced by Ivan Evangelista.

I am honored to have played with the Austin Symphony Orchestra, the Austin Civic Orchestra, the Midland-Odessa Symphony, the Kingsville Symphony, Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra, Chorus Austin, Tony 'Ham' Guerrero and Tortilla Factory, 'Leaf' Clive 'Nasser' Phillips, Peggy Stern, So Percussion, 8th Blackbird, Thomas Morris, Andrea Bocelli, Michael W. Smith, The Texas Tenors, Jon Brown, David Greenbaum, Rob Balducci, Eric Biondo, Jessica Vale, the New Yorker's Andy Friedman, Ivan Evangelista, Jean-Luc Sinclair, Ethan Meixsell, all my friends from Bran Van 3000, Freddy James, Maximillion, Kim Bingham, David 'Mousey' Edmead, John Kastner, the Binghi Boppa, Newspeak, David Amezcua, Jason James Richter, Mrs. Glass, SoccerMom, P. Kellach-Waddle, the Ventura County All-Stars and more.

I appear on Tortilla Factory's album 'Cookin' with Joey De Leon, Rene Camacho, Art Guillermo, Haskel Jackson, Carmen Grillo, Jerry Lopez & Bobby Butler 'El Charro Negro' which was nominated for the 2011 American & Latin Grammy's Tejano Album of the Year and won the 2010-2011 Austin Music Awards Best Latin Traditional Album.

My teachers have included John H. Beck, Joe Porcaro, Rich Thompson, Pandit Sharda Sahai, Ndugu Chancler, Luis Conte, Mitchell Peters, Jerry Steinholtz, Burleigh Drummond, Jason Treuting, Vera Daehlin, Joe LaBarbera, Bill Dobbins, Jeff Campbell, Clay Jenkins, Binay Krishna Baral, Ruth Cahn, Doug Perkins, Matt Strauss as well as every musician I have ever heard.

Visit the education section or allrhythms.com to learn about the educational options that I provide the Austin area and school districts. 

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