July 21, 2024
Anna Rounseville

+1 (585) 627-3876
Basic Percussion from Middle School through High School, I played Tympani in all those years...Pretty much playing by ear, some lessons from band director. Sr Year was Drum Majorette (it was a young band that year, a rebuilding year). Active in Chorus and Varsity Chorus in High School, and Church Choir, I got by by rehearsing it until memorized, and simply watched what the conductors would have us do. Was tested to have a 3 Octave vocal range at the time, it exists mostly still, though may have slid down a couple notes due to maturing. Did Chorus, Gospel Choir, Traveled with the African Dancing Troupe for a season, after taking African Dance in College. Unfortunately SUNY Brockport had no band when I got there in 1987.
Graduated with a B.S. in Broadcast Communications and Theatre (Double Major)in 1991.

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